Men’s Fitness releases it’s list of the ’25 Fittest Guys of 2011′

Men’s Fitness magazine has announced in a news release its list of the 25 Fittest Guys, and Alex O’Loughlin of “Hawaii Five-0;” Joel McHale of “Community and “The Soup;” Joe Manganiello of “True Blood,” Henry Cavill of “The Tudors” and Chip Wade of “Curb Appeal: The Block” and Designed to Sell” are among the men chosen from the small screen.

Other honorees include Chris Evans, Liam Neeson, LeBron James, Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper; Kellan Lutz, David Beckham, Chris Pine, Dr. Dre and Jeremy Renner.

For the complete list and some information on the 25 Fittest Guys health regimens, check out the June/July issue of Men’s Fitness magazine, on sale nationwide May 9.

See the full list below and check back for photos of the magazine!

* Chris Evans, The Action Hero, 30
* Alex O’Loughlin, The Five-O, 34
* Jordy Smith, The Wave Rider, 24
* Henry Cavill, The Superstar, 28
* Liam Neeson, The Tough Guy, 59
* LeBron James, The MVP, 26
* Steven Stamkos, The Phenom, 21
* Nick Ferroni, The Educator, 32
* Joel McHale, The Wiseguy, 39
* Michael Fassbender, The Next Big Thing, 34
* Danny Macaskill, The Daredevil, 25
* Lorenzo Fertitta, The Entrepreneur, 42
* Joe Manganiello, The Werewolf, 34
* Bradley Cooper, The Leading Man, 36
* Kellan Lutz, The Greek God, 26
* Greg Hill, The Adventurer, 35
* David Beckham, The Fit Footballer, 36
* Jason Momoa, The Barbarian, 31
* Chris Pine, The Captain, 30
* Tim Kennedy, The Warrior 31
* Dr. Dre, The Hip-Hop Pioneer, 46
* Jeremy Renner, The Contender, 40
* Clay Matthews, The QB Killer, 25
* Derek Poundstone, The Strongman, 29
* Chip Wade, The Carpenter, 28

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